APM Plane 3.3.0 Firmware still exits? For the board APM 2.6

Hello to all,
I am planning to use the board APM 2.6 for a fixed wing UAV. I want to install the Mission Planner which is given in the link below.
http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-install-mission-planner.html#common-install-mission-planner (link #1)
Can that be used with APM 2.6 successfully?
Also, as I read from the link below, the board APM 2.6 fits the firmware APM Plane 3.3.0.
http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-autopilots.html (link #2)
When I tried to find that firmware and download from the website “ardupilot.org”, I could not find that firmware in the list of firmwares given in the link below.
http://firmware.eu.ardupilot.org/Plane/ (link #3)
Does the firmware APM Plane 3.3.0 not exist and presented in the website any more? Or, can it be done in the following way? As the link below tell us
http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-loading-firmware-onto-pixhawk.html (link #4)
Mission Planner is expected to automatically detect which type of board I am using and then load the adequate firmware (APM Plane 3.3.0 in this case) onto the board? But, I will be using the board APM 2.6 which is not supported for Copter or Plane any more (see the link #2). Will the Mission Planner be able to detect that not supported type of board? If yes, it is expected to load the adequate firmware onto the board. But if not, it seems I will not be able to load the adequate firmware to the board APM 2.6.
Can you please help me getting over this issue?

Have you tried it yet? I’m guessing no because…

When you install Mission Planner and you connect the old APM 2.x then Mission Planner will only show the firmware versions that are available to that hardware.

So, everything “just works” if you just try it…

The more important question is: why are you starting a new project with the old depreciated hardware?

Thank your for your answer. In fact, it would be betterto use new version of hadrwares. This is for now, due to the limitations of the current project. I have not tried it yet. When I try, if any problems occur I will write it here. But, as I guess, no problem will occur.


I want to use amp 2.6 to teach my son to fly.

For that, I want to use a stabilized flight mode and the option of “Geo fence”.

Can I use those two options with apm 2.6 or should I use pixhack?

Thank you very much in advance.


I am new to this and want to use an APM 2.8 board. The reason is simple: The APM controller costs £23, the PixHawk £51 minimum. And I don’t need much functionality for now.

The old firmware still exists! In Mission Planner I went to “Install Firmware Legacy”, selected AC 3.2 in the bottom right corner. Then it shows the option to install ArduPlane 3.2.2. When clicking it it said the board is retired, and offers to install the latest working firmware, which is ArduPlane 3.4.0.


maybe check current budget F4 board options like omnibus. you‘ll have all the up to date features on an integrated FC, likely adding a lot of value at the same price.