APM petrol engine support?

Sorry for a newbie question but as most people are using electric vehicles I’ve found it hard to work out a basic capability. Are petrol engined rovers supported? I have a ShengQi 1:5th scale Hummer (youtube.com/watch?v=6SHSxvjoaA4) and I’d like to make an FPV racer out of it with APM Rover as I do with my 250 quadcopter and the APM Copter firmware.

I find the idea of having an APM at the centre much better than dumb electronics, and it’d be fun to see it racing around a GPS route and playing with sonar detection and maybe flow/image processing. I might even make some prepared movie scenes with the thing together with my quadcopter (both APM). In the long term I’ll be looking at communication between APM Copter and APM Rover too.

Problems I can foresee compared to electric motors are obviously use of braking in the positing/control logic of APM, plus I guess I’ll have to separate the usual single (dual function) accelerator/brake servo linkage to individual control lines/channels. Anyone know if this works, tried it before?

@Code Chief,
I suggest that you join the DIY Drones ArduRover User Group http://diydrones.com/group/ardurover-user-group and search the Discussion Forum there for other members who are involved with gas engine powered rovers.

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Thanks for the help.