APM osX and google cache?

IM jsut wondering where the APM planner stores its google cache in OSx.

Also if I download and update APM planner does that erase my cache ats same time?

Im asking as it feels like when Im caching the map its not taking into account what Ive cached before, but perhaps from updating it has deleted them or doesnt know they previously exist?

Im caching a large area at moment and hate to lose it somehow




Just wondering if any one knows.

Im continually updating AP planner and would hate to lose cached data.

Also…is there a cache file size setting? Im hoping to download a large area (of my region) to cache and want to make sure Im not hitting a preset file/directory size cap which starts overwriting older cached files.

Thanks all


The cached data is held in a sqlite database which is located at /Users//mapscache/Data.qmdb on OSX. It should not be wiped out, and should default to loading a tile from memory, then trying cache, then as a last resort downloading the tile from the internet if it does not exist.

There is no limit on cache size, and while there are provisions for deleting tiles older than a certain number of days, as far as I can find it is not actually used, so tiles data should exist forever (until it is updated with a newly downloaded tile)

Edit: Something to note, loading from cache is not necessarily quicker than downloading from the internet, so it may seem like it’s downloading them when it’s actually loading them from the database (disable your internet connection to see this)