APM Newbie throttle & flight mode issue

I was wondering what flight mode should i be in starting off with APM i just set up APM mini 3.1 I’ve done the calibrations in Mission planner but what’s happening as soon as I ARM the flight controller all my motors spin up.

what am i doing wrong any ideas please.

Best to start in stabilise, odds are you have the spin on armed parameter set to 70 or 130 which spins the motors at low speed as soon as it’s armed. Need to upload logs to be sure though.

Is that setting Throttle minimum (THR_MIN) 130 because that’s what its currently set at.

Should I set this to zero to stop any spin without me actually touching the throttle.

Thanks for your reply by the way.


Ok thanks found it

If any developer see this they are going to kill someone with that option especially a newbie who doesn’t know that the motors automatically spin when armed someone is going to get their fingers sliced off or their throat slit in an accident.

The default setting for this should be (do not spin)

Anyone sees this post you have to go into THR_MIN in advanced and set it to about 7

Bit melodramatic there!!

If you’re arming a quad you really should not have your face anywhere near it, I personally like the spin on armed as it’s a very clear indication that it’s armed without getting to close to it.

Hypothetical example.
If you have spin on armed disabled and the quad is armed but you forget (due to distraction or something). You go over to it, lean over it and as you do catch the the throttle stick. Boom, quad in the face at full throttle.

Read it here copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying … he_motors/

The feature is documented. Previously we didn’t have it and when armed people would approach the copter and then be surprised when the copter took off when the throttle was applied. Spinning the motors slowly when armed indicates the potential danger, and it’s so slow the danger level is low.

Now, if only we could add the feature to make people read before turning the copter on. (for cars you need to pass a theory test before you can turn the ignition key!)

more info here copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying-arducopter/

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Never mind documentation safety first a newbie isn’t going to find that part that says motors will spin up when armed till its too late and he’s got missing fingers or head.

It should be removed or at least put on

do not spin.

Well. As I said the motors spon at minimum rpm when armed. Too slow to hurt somebody. And if a person arms the copter inside with props on and they are not several metres away, safety isn’t really something that is of concern to that person.

Not knowing the copter is disarmed after say landing. Which the props indicate when they stop spinning. Is being safety conscious . Lots of people fly without a GCS so the prop spinning is the best indicator of armed/disarmed.

I personally always fly with a GCS ‘MAV Pilot’ and get audible alerts about the drone status.

I understand that you where surprised that the props spinned when you armed. But what would you expect to happen when you put the copter in start to fly mode? And why would you be anywhere near it?

Anyway you can disable the feature. Just don’t be surprised when you walk up to it after flying and it jumps at you when you drop your TX and it was still armed!