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Apm mini 3.1 motor 4 won't spin

I have a quad. Motor 4 doesn’t want to spin. However if I switch motor 4 and it’s esc with motor 2 and its esc where the ESC connects to the fc, both motor 2 and 4 spin. I have interchanged the motors, esc’s and both the motor and esc check out ok. but when the fc is connected to the esc for motor 4, motor 4 won’t spin. It just jiggles a bit like it is trying but can’t.

Any ideas?

I solved the problem, I did not have a ground wire to each esc. When I added a ground to motor 4, it now works.

Hi, I am having the exact same problem. I have the mini apm 3.1. I use the diatone v3.1 power board. Could you please walk me thru your fix for motor 4 not spinning up. All others work grate.- Lennie

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