Hi guys
First time I’ve posted so her goes.
Just upgraded quad from Crius V2 to APM 2.52.
Crius worked OK ish but could never get a decent loiter so thought would give the APM board a go as brilliant reviews.
All went well following Peter King Video on You Tube until I got to Flight Modes. All I have is Stabilise (with all sticks forward) and Auto (with Gear Mix1).
I’ve tried a new model and downloaded Peter Kings DX7s set up file to sd card. Still no change. Found mix setting on DIY Drones and changed to them but still no more flight modes
I’m not techy minded so am now completely baffled.
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

I assume that you have followed these Wiki instructions concerning the Flight Modes: copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flight-modes/
Once you have programmed you R/C transmitter to transmit the 6 different PWM signals, then you must assign the 6 different Flight Modes to those 6 different PWM signals.