APM drifting sideways fast in Loiter


my copter works really well in stabilize, but as soon as I switch to Loiter, it fly away horizontally with high, but not maximal speed. I can still control it via remote, but the inputs are insufficient to make it come back. I can make it fly away slower or even faster, but the control input is insufficient to counteract the drifitng motion. GPShealth and status are all good. What could be the problem?

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.


sorry, I wasn’t able to pull them out because of the USB plug being a bit hidden.
Here they are. The problems appeared after Loiter was successfully entered (10293). One can see that the NTUN params go completely crazy there.
Then there is the land mode triggered, which I believe I didn’t do. At least I don’t have it configured on the radio. On the radio I switched into stabilize shortly after the mysterious Land Mode (Loiter was entered via cell phone and 3DR radio vs1) and softly crashed the copter causing no damage into a wheat field.

Since the file is there now, I was wondering whether there are any ideas on what went wrong?

Check your compass/GPS rotation setting. Are you running an external GPS?

I’m using uBlox GPS, bout 10 cm above the APM. What is GPS rotation setting?