APM:COPTER 3.3rc8 log problems


In version 3.3rc7 i had trouble only burn a log, the first, the rest were corrupt.

In versión 3.3rc8 it do not record logs.

It happens to someone else? It is my problem? SD problem?


In 3.3rc7 apparently there was a bug:

[quote]5) Bug fixes:
h) start-up logging so parameters only logged once, mission always written

This afternoon 3 batteries and has not recorded any log.

I had something similar going on. Did the files look like this?


I can not tell without directly access the SD card, I have mounted the pixhawk inside the frame, in brief I have to open and reorganize everything. I mention when I do. I’m sorry, I’m out working

Same issue here , I have formatted the SD and erased firmware 3.3 several times and no luck.

I’m pretty sure that logging is working correctly, dozens of logs have been submitted by users.
Perhaps it’s full or perhaps the LOG_BITMASK has been set to zero or perhaps the SD card has simply gone bad.

I switched to Sandisk HC1 memory card and haven’t had any issues since. The SD card that I was using was about as slow and cheap as they come.

Excellent news. I’ll close this issue then. Txs!


Same here, change the SD card 8GB class 10 and I now logs saved without problems.

Thanks for the help