APM Boat with skid steering problem

Hello everyone!
I am trying to assemble a boat with APM to move autonomously. Since I am using 2 BLDC-s to move the boat, I am using the Rover firmware with SKID_STEERING_OUT and _IN turned on. In the documentation it is written that in this mode output channel 1 should power one motor and channel 3 should power the other.
On channel 3 it is working perfectly with my joystick through a laptop and a radio module.
The problem is it seems that channel 1 provides a square signal but there is no PWM change however I pull the throttle up or down.

Parts that I’m using:

  • APM 2.6 with the latest Rover firmware
  • Hobbyking 30A ESCs
  • 930KV 2212 BLDCs
  • FPV 433MHz telemtery pair
  • 3dr power module
  • 2 cell LiPo battery

Thank you in advance for the answers, if anything more needs to be specified, I will!

My best guess is that you have the R/C input connected to the APM incorrectly. Personally, on a mode two transmitter, I use the right stick to control everything - that usually being the ailerons and elevator on a plane. So, I assign the Aileron (right/left) to Channel 1, and the Elevator (up/down) to Channel 3. You can do this by plugging the leads from the receiver into the appropriate APM inputs.

A good way to test which is which is to connect a servo to the R/C receiver outputs, then move the sticks until you figure out which stick does what - then plug the one for throttle into input 3, and the one for steering into input 1.

Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes!

I want to ask you about how the scheme is associated autopilot APM 2.6 boat.

Thanks in advance

I Don’t believe the latest Rover Code will work on a 2.6. You may have to go back to Rover 2.5 I think