APM Beep meaning?

I have a APM 2.6 running the 3.2.1 firmware in a Y6
Every now and then it emits a series of four beeps, dash dash dot dot. I can’t seam to find a reference anywhere of what this means. I thought it may be GPS lock but it’s showing 12 - 13 Sats and a HDOP < 2

It seems to fly perfectly well in stabilize but tries to bugger off sideways when put in either loiter or poshold. I haven’t had the bottle to try any other mode as of yet.

Previously it performed perfectly with older 3.0 versions of the software.

I have a quad running the same software on the same controller and that performs faultlessly!

Any ideas?


Try here http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-autopilots/common-pixhawk-overview/common-sounds-pixhawkpx4/

Thanks but none of those sounds are remotely close to it.
I think I’ll try pulling the logs and see whats happening when they occur.


I have the same issue… In flight just hovering and every 15-25 seconds emits 4 beeps. Doesn’t seem to effect the flying I’m doing at the moment… I have only clicked out of stabilize mode into alt hold and that seemed to work fine. I have GPS solid blue light and at least 6 sats so I doubt its the GPS. Maybe accelerometer needs calibration? I only say that because I seem to need to calibrate the accel about every three flights as it gets out of adjustment somehow.

Six sats is the minimum to fly and I really recommend eight or more. The HDOP with six sats is really high, much over the 2.0 that is safe to fly with.
Are you using an APM2.x or a Pixhawk as the APM2.x does not have a speaker like the Pixhawk so the beeping must be coming from the ESC/Motors?

Im still in tuning mode as I just built the copter. So I am only flying in Stabilize and acro for now. hence I really haven’t given much thought to the GPS and autopilot features. I have the APM 2.5 with the 3.2 firmware. Copter is still very sluggish in yaw and seems to cut throttle as it turns in yaw causing altitude loss. but thats a different issue. The beeping is what this topic is about. I get four beeps two first and then two more no hesitate but slight change in the tone/length of the beeps. Any ideas what this could be? I have calibrated and done everything and I do have a ground station up when flying but nothing is showing up in the ground station that I can see.

I still believe this is GPS related. Mine has stopped doing it for now but a friend has had the same issue with the exact same CN06 GPS unit/compass whereas our CN06 units from RCTimer don’t exhibit this behavior at all.
I think I will try flashing them with the 3drobotics ublox firmware to get rid of any surplus functions.


I also dont get the low battery warning on the ground station or from the copter while flying. I have the battery warning turned on. The battery gets low and the copter just starts to lose power and lose altitude

Hello friends!
Some news about this issue?
I have the same problem using apm 2.8
What do you think about this topic?

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