APM and Frsky telemetry (for yaapu)

Anyone knows if the frsky telemetry option works with old APM boards? I have the last plane version installed that still supports APM (v3.4), however I cannot get any telemetry data down to the transmitter (t16). Receiver is a jumper R8 II

Might be that frsky passthrough is not supported, or that I have messed up with the cable somehow

Would perhaps mavlink to passthrough adapter be a better option

Yes I know there ar better platforms out there. Still just want to find some use for my old apm

Difficult when that old version of firmware doesn’t have the parameters required to be set…

You would need an arduino converter board to convert mavlink to frsky X format as the APM cannot do frsky telemetry natively.

Thanks! I will have a look at Mav2pass. Or are there any other solution? An off the shelf converter would be neat, but I do not think it exists.

Regarding what settings that works or not. I dont think it is obvious when a setting is not compatible with the hardware. I mean I can set the serial port on APM to frsky telemetry, but nothing happens. How could I know that the setting is not compatible?

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The jumper R8 should send telemetry for yaapu without an inverter. You need to set it up as a separate serial port from the RC function. There are two pins for the data marked PIX TX and PIX RX in the Jumper documents. The receiver has them marked with D.

One caveat, I have no idea if this will work on older APM boards. I’ve used these receivers a ton with newer boards and they’ve always worked just fine.

The apm cant do any frsky telemetry natively.

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Way back when I used this Teensy solution for APM. It was cool in it’s day. But so were Palm Pilots :grinning:
Mavlink to Frsky

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Thanks! I did not realize there were several projects that converts mavlink to s.port. Seems like an exellent opportunity to get myself a bit familiarized with arduinio. Been on the todolist for a long time. I think I will give (Home · Clooney82/MavLink_FrSkySPort Wiki · GitHub) a try. Seems straight forward to implement

The MavlinkToPassthru (Home · zs6buj/MavlinkToPassthru Wiki · GitHub) seems more potent but I find the documentation is not for rookies.

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