APM and Autotune configuration

I use APM with r3.2.1

In the onlinemanual, I found the parameter GCS_PID_MASK: GCS PID tuning mask.

But I don’t found it in the parameterlist in mission-planner.

How can I configure the AUTOTUNE?

Additional question: If a configure AUTOTUNE as special mode on CH7, it start and work.
If I configura AUTOTUNE as flight-mode, it dosn’t work.

Autotune as a flight mode only works on APM 3.3 and up, which doesn’t work on the 2.x boards, so you will have use a channel 7 switch to enter autotune. I’ve also read that there should be an ‘AUTOTUNE_LEVEL’ parameter that would adjust the aggressiveness of the tune, but I’m failing to find any parameters in 3.2.1, the best I could find was the docs saying to decrease the ‘RC Feel Roll/Pitch’ under basic tuning if it’s too twitchy.

As always though, you could run autotune and then adjust the PID’s yourself to your own liking. If you want it to be softer, less P, more I, more D(if you can), if you want it to be crisper, less D more P, and if you feel like it goes too fast, you can reduce the Stabilize Roll/Pitch P value to decrease the angular speed (or increase it).