APM 3.4, PX4: Low Battery/AutoLand overide at 1 foot altitude - lost control

Px4, 3DR Quad, many prior flights: APM 3.4 PX4v2
My battery was getting low, running in stabilized mode, so I decide to land my 3DR Quad.
I get 1 foot above the ground, I hear the Low Battery Alert - AutoLand message.
I quickly lowered the throttle to zero, BUT it won’t land. No throttle up or down, it drifts about a foot, lands and tips to one side- minor prop damage. Then I hear the Crash message.

I’ve had this quad higher when Low Battery Alert - AutoLand kicks in, and it decends slowly - with “sloppy” input from the throttle.

I’m guessing there is a timing thing, when AutoLand kicks in. Any ideas?

Here is RC3IN in red, RC3OUT in green. HDOOP 1.3, 9 sats.

I was deliberately running down this battery, it was ready to be recycled. I landed at 4:30 and still had some voltage left, so hovered a few feet off the ground for a minute, alarm went off, cut throttle tried to land, but it just hovered then slowly drifted 3 ’ and landed, tipped to the side w/props turning, got crash alarm.

Hi, I’m not an expert. RC3 in is ur throttle in put. RC3 out is ur motor 3 output.
My quad when in land mode , will land and then hop around 3 or 4 times before actually land. The problem was ,the fc covered with a bowl was catching air near the ground. Drilling so many holes in the bowl solved my problem.
Is ur barometer covered with foam?
Look at ur baro altitude. If it goes below zero, when near ground ,it will try to take off in land mode.
If I’m wrong ,pls feel free to correct me.