Apm 3.4.1 mini helicopter poshold mode

I flied a mini helicopter using firmware apm 3.4.1 under mode poshold, when I flied heli from one place to another, it did not stay at the destination play immediately but vibrated two three times. Is there anybody find the same question? Can anyone tell me why? Thanks

The heli needs a correct setup and ofcourse GPS must be working.

Hi Markus,
Could you tell me which setup should be done, thanks!
And GPS did work

Hi, I have an Protos 500 and I still have simmilar problems as you do.
at first I would recommend to get rid of using the EKF stuff…
Bulit many drones and now 2 helis …cannot see the benefit of these ekf values.

Okay your gps is mounted on the tail ? (mine is)

I must say that we cannot adjust the compass MOT setup fot traditional helis …cause it is dangerous to spool up the heli while connected to your laptop :scream:.

Do you run govenor mode ??

I programmed 3 different RPM levels and I observe that the faster the rotation, the more stable it is …only in Poshold mode I observe the swining in pitch and roll.
I am not sure to increase or decrease the levels .
In Stabilize mode it glies very good…what effect is your heli showing ?


Yes, my GPS is mounted on the tail and I did not run govenor mode!
What does 3 RPM means?

Oh Sorry I meant I programmed 3 different rotation speeds 2200, 2450 and 2900 RMP-
how do youhandle the speed of the rotor - I guess best is when it’s constant ?!?
A good trick to minimize vibration is to add some Lead-tape to the flight controller …(I am tennisplayer and I use it
to balance my racket) just a few grams at each side to incrase the momentum :slight_smile:
Did you check your compass working okay? Connect it to missionplanner and be sure to disable the internal compass .
Then calibrate the external and see on missionplanner if it works properly…

RPM = Revolution per minute :wink:

The rotation speeds is linear to the throttle.
Thanks for your advisory

acdc, what do you mean by:

at first I would recommend to get rid of using the EKF stuff…

Hi - I deactivated the EKF usage as it makes more trouble than benefit .
Built 6 copters and 3 helis and all are running perfect without that EKF stuff…
EKF produced errors of mag and gps in the logfile and the flight stability wasn’t increased …
I fly the copters 3d and even the helis in soft 3d …did not have any issue. RTL works perfect too.

Are you saying you are using an older release and flying on DCM instead of EKF?

This is not recommended, but every user gets to make their own decisions. But I don’t think you should recommend others to do the same.

BTW, I should mention, I’ve never tested PosHold, and don’t suggest it be used for Helicopters. Unlike Loiter, it uses open-loop navigation control that does not take into account of helicopter dynamics. The same is true of Drift and Flip.

I have used PosHold in Heli and it works great for me.

How about loiter? Does it take into account of helicopter dynamics? Thanks

Talos: Yes, Loiter works great, I use it all the time. It has a closed loop acceleration/velocity feedback, as does Auto mode, RTL, etc.

Drift and PosHold are sort of hacked on modes by 3rd party groups and I don’t use them.

I think we should test Loiter much more than PosHold now! And If had more time, perhaps I should do something about PosHold

Poshold mode or has its characteristics, there are more suitable for flight applications, if you can break mode of the braking effect applied to the Poshold mode, it is very strong enough!