APM 3.2 F450 apm 2.8 Err: EKF_CHECK-2 / EKF_CHECK-0

Hi all,

F450 First Flight, Alt Hold and Loiter Problem

I just steal it, in stabilize it goes just I have to learn to master it, there was wind …

But I just tried again in Alt Hold and Loiter, it really does anything, it goes up, it descends, in Loiter it left elsewhere …
The GPS was good it was up.

Can it come from the compass? Or vibrations?
I use compas into apm 2.8 not in gps.

Log Log mission planner bin

thank you for you help !!

F450 - APM 2.8 - ECS HOBBYWYNG 40A - EMAX MT3110 - Lipo 4S - FS-IA6B

In a word, Vibrations.

You have excessive vibrations, especially in decent.

You will need to fix this vibration problem before continuing.

Thank you Mike, I will try new apm support.