APM 3.2.1 yaw issue

Hi everyone

I’m new here and hope you guys can help me with a strange problem.
My Quad is a standard X config with a 3dr pixhawk running apm apm:3.2.1

Short after starting, the copter tends to yaw clockwise. Sometimes slow, sometimes faster.

What I’ve done so far:

  • ECU Calibation (SimonK type)
  • Compass Calibration, also replaced GPS/Compass Module
  • IMU Calibration
  • MOTD Calibration
  • Vibration checks

I’ve to idea what to do next. Please help!
Logfile is attached

Thank you!

  • Chris

Just by chance have you leveled your motors? If one is tilted it can cause that for sure.

Sent with recycled packets…

Yes, the motors are perfectly leveled.
They’re mounted upside down and measured in place with a pattern and a laser.

Any other ideas?

Double checked the levels again, everything is fine.
I did a test with DJI Naza using standard pid without any problems.
Also swapped Pixhawk & GPS from another copter to be sure no hardware problem. No changes…

  • Christian