APM 3.2.1 take off issue

First I must say that I am very new to this hobby. I just built my first quad and when I arm it, motors 2 and 3 start to spin. I have to add throttle to get motors 1 and 4 to spin. When taking off, I have to add left lair one to take off without flipping. It once airborne I have no issues. Did I miss something in the programming or did I do something wrong? Thanks in advance for your help.


Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

I am having a very similar problem where motors 1 and 3 spin more slowly than 2 and 4 (quad x layout). I have recalibrated it twice and recalibrated the ESCs but the same problem happens. I have not managed to get it off the ground. I have attached my log from trying to launch it today.

Do not try to takeoff by easing the throttles up. You have to pop it into the air to clear the ground interference (foot drag and rotor wash turbulence).

Slam it to 75% and then back off to 50% to hover.

People keep saying that yet I’ve NEVER done that.
I’ve always taken off in stabilise, raising the throttle slowly and my quad has always lifted off flat.

IMO, if it leans on lift off then you have the COG off or something else out of tune and slamming the throttle to get it airborne and relying on the APM/Pixhawk to stabilise it is a band aid fix.

So it turned out I just needed to man up and throw it into the air. I normally fly smaller and have had the copter wash issue but this is a good bit worse. After two flips and broken GPS aerial I managed to get it to hover. It is very sensitive though I will have to see if I can fix that. Thanks for your help!

Here is some additional info a long with my logs:
Constantly having to recalibrate my compass, several times a day
I have repeatedly run thought the entire Iniatal setup several time with no luck
While performing the motor test, these are the throttal percentages required to get my motors to spin
A 7%, B 14%, C 67%, and D 24%

Logs part 2