APM 3.1 throttle and steering creeping

Hi, I have a rover with APM 3.1 loaded with 2.51 firmware. I am finding that when in ‘steering mode’, the steering constantly drifts or creeps to left until stopping at the maximum left steering angle. Also, I set up the throttle centre point that is correct when in ‘manual mode’, i.e. I have both forward, reverse and braking working correctly. However, when in ‘steering mode’, the throttle PPM value also creeps or drifts; sometimes in forward, sometimes reverse.
I have my suspicions about the APM 3.1 itself; that it may be losing it’s mind!
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
In the meantime, I’m waiting for an APM 2.8 to arrive; perhaps this may be better. Or, should I upgrade fully to Pixhawk?

Don’t bother with an APM 2.8. It won’t run the latest firmware. In fact nothong beyond what you are running now. Pixhawk is your best choice. I have a PixRacer in my Rover because I had one and it was easier to package but any Pixhawk variant will do.

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A (nearly) complete list of supported flight controller boards is here on the wiki but I agree with Dave that in terms of ease of use, the Pixhawk/Cube family of boards is a good choice.