APM 2.x dose not work with analog sonar

APM 2.x does not work with analog sonar

Hello. I’m trying to enable MaxBotix XL-EZ4 sonar on my heli with APM 2.6 (as described here).
But in Initial Setup menu of MissionPlanner I cannot to enable Sonar, there is no checkbox to turn it on.
It looks like there is no longer analog sonar support :frowning:
What am i doing wrong?
Can I turn on analog sonar on my APM?

MissionPlanner version 1.3.27, ArduCopter V3.2.1 heli.

I found in the ReleaseNotes that sonar “disable on APM1 and TradHeli (APM1 & APM2) to allow code to fit” since ArduCopter 3.2-rc12 10-Oct-2014.
Apparently, I have to forget about the sonar :frowning: