Apm 2.8 with fw 3.2.1

Hi. I’m sorry if this is not the place to clarify my doubts. I have a cx20 with a 2.8 apm that has firmware 3.2.1 installed. The version I have of the mission planner is 1.3.49. How can I back up apm settings information to load later if necessary? I already saw a video on youtube but my mission planner is different. To do this I have to connect the apm with a usb connection or can I do it by telemetry? Thank you for your help in a simple way. My english is not very good :slight_smile:
This is a picture of my mission planner. I only have these tabs available. In the review that I saw there are more tabs but they do not appear to me

First go to Config/Tuning>Planner and near the bottom select “advanced” from the “Layout” pull down.
The go to Config/Tuning>Full Parameter List and on the right side select “Save to File”.

That’s my problem. I do not have it on my mission planner Config/Tuning>Full Parameter List

Like Dave said - select “Config/Tuning” - select Planner and go to the bottom of the screen and select “Layout” - Advanced. See attachment.

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:slight_smile: Thank you. I finally got it. a big hug from Portugal :slight_smile: