APM 2.8 vibration Accz too much and away 0 level


I am working on APM 2.8 and after learning too much atleast its flying and hovering in acro and stablize mode. Now my target is to reduce the vibrations at a level where I can try its auto pilot mode. I tried auto mode but it flew away like a rocket and crashed badly. When I investigated, found the this is normal behavior of AMP when getting too much vibrations, it lifts like a rocket in auto mode. Now I am close to required vibrations level which accx=-3+3, accy=-3+3 and accz=-15+15. But my accz is too high and even not showing starting at 0 on graph. Can someone look at my log and tells me what is wrong with my quad and how to fix this accz vibrations? Trying to attach the log file.

2016-11-16 16-28-15.bin (153.1 KB)
2016-11-16 16-23-31.bin (496.0 KB)

Vibrations can be caused by a number of factors, prop balance, motor balance, arm flexibility, frame security, method of mounting your flight controller.
A pic oe 2 of your setup would help.

Flight controller mounting is the most common way of reducing vibrations.
How have you mounted the flight controller?