APM 2.8 supported?

Hi, I’ve seen that APM 2.8 is available. Will it be compatible?



Where did you see APM 2.8? What do you mean with “compatible”. Plane and Copter have dropped support for the ArupilotMega platform because it doesn’t have enough power and memory, if that’s your question.

For example, there : aliexpress.com/item/New-APM2 … 3.html?s=p
Even find a mini APM 3.1: aliexpress.com/item/F14571-M … 43147.html

As they say in description that this is just an “evolution” with retrocompatibility to APM 2.6, it should be ok, no? :open_mouth:

Ah, you are talking about some clone…

[color=#00BF00]Please note that the hardware support forums are for support of genuine 3DR hardware only and the mentioned product is not a genuine 3DR product.[/color]


Sorry, I thought it was an Open forum…

No problem :slight_smile:. Ease mistake to make :slight_smile:.

Not strictly true, plane 3.3.0 is still apm 2.5/2.6 friendly… thankfully :smiley:

Thanks. Sorry to say that I own for one year a Tali H500. I bought it because it was ready to fly… As the Tali Controller does not support some very useful function with Mission Planner (spline, POI, etc), my question is the following: is it possible/good choice/easy to replace the Tali H500 Controller FCS-H500 with an original APM 2.6 controller or with a Pixhawk? As you can see, I do not really know the difference between these 2 controllers.

If you haven’t bought anything yet, buy a Pixhawk. The latest versions of Plane and Copter don’t support APM any more due to memory and processing power limitations.

Stefan, thanks for the answer. A good start for me :slight_smile: .
Do you think it’s easy to “upgrade” following this procedure?

  1. replace the controller, checking all the wires are in the right place :wink:
  2. loading the right firmware from the Mission Planner (or APM Planner 2, still do not know the difference)

One point, will I have to replace the telemetry, the gimball and the gps too, or do these items use a standardized protocol?

And then, it will behave as a"standard" APM copter? Or did I miss a point?

Last point, you said: " The latest versions of Plane and Copter don’t support APM any more due to memory and processing power limitations."
You are talking about the firmware (Copter) that we download from APM Planner or Mission Planner, right? Is there a post (Quick search but not found) that explains what is the most appropriate Groundstation (difference between APM and MP?)

Thanks for support and a nice day,


APM Planner 2 is a new project and still has some quirks. If you are not familiar with the technology and willing to experiment, I recommend using Mission Planner.

If you have a genuine 3DR GPS/compass module, you can use that also with the Pixhak, but IIRC, you need one new cable for that. Genuine 3DR telemetry radios can also be used on the Pixhawk. Gimbals accept PWM signals which should work with both controllers equally well.

One important difference between Pixhawk and APM is that the Pixhawk ONLY supports PPM input. If your receiver does not have a PPM output, you either need a new receiver or a PPM encoder. I would go with the new receiver because the price should be roughly the same but a PPM encoder adds a level of complexity.

Otherwise, a Pixhawk running Copter Firmware will pretty much behave like an APM running Copter Firmware, with a number of improvements in the performance due to the Pixhawk massively higher computing power.

Hi, now I’ve more time…
I’ve checked that Devo rx705 supports ppm. So I think I will go forward…


Does anyone know if the Tali H500 can use the Do_Mount _Control setting? I can save the setting but when saving a pitch or roll param it changes back to 0 when I read the file from the drone.