Apm 2.8 showing bad compass health

Hi, so my apm 2.8 is showing bad compass health with a gps + compass module installed on gps port and i2c port. I have tried removing jumper and plugging both into the gps port. While that is still going on when i try to calibrate the compass it shows Compass 1 error:99

OMG are you kidding me!!! Solved!! the PCB has TWO rows of THREE solder pads for UART 0 and UART 2. I desoldered the pads JUST BECAUSE and BAM!! Compass works. What in the hell does UART have to do with I2C? Nothing, they to completely different protocols. Whatever.
SO THE FIX IS NOTHING TO DO WITH I2C. MAKE SURE THE UART PADS ARE NOT CONNECTED. I hope this helps somebody because I have not seen this anywhere. I honestly can not believe it. Does anyone know what the UART pads would have to do with the I2C port?