APM 2.8 questions

Hey so i’m going to get a APM 2.8 and i have some questions.

1: How do i connect it to Mav link

2: Is it possible to connect a camera to this and view from mission planner

That’s all :smiley:

I would buy a Pixhawk or Pixracer that has a lot more power in it. The firmware that goes on this unit is not changing with no new development.

Mavlink is built into the firmware and is always available.

The only think the flight controller does for Video is control the Gimbal. Video feed and OSD options run outside the firmware.


Well I’m looking at this Maker magazine project and it’s says to use a APM 2.5-2.8 so I have to use them unless the wiring is not changed (and software)

Edit: Thoes things cost a lot too I’m just making a balance rover bot