APM 2.8 powered copter flips on takeoff

Hi there!
I know that APMs are not supported now, but I already have one, so I have no where else to go :slight_smile:.
I assembled F450 quad with 920KV 2212s. Now, when I want to takeoff, my quad just flips nose down. ESCs, accel and compass calibrated several times. How can I fix all this? Here is my log file:
log.bin (105 KB)

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This is almost always wrong motor order or motor direction.

Already seen other topics, checked about ten times so far

I have seen that stated so many times and it’s still not right. Often it’s a misunderstanding of what order Mission Planners Motor Test function is run in. You are using Motor Test right?

I’m using it according to picture at https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/connect-escs-and-motors.html#checking-the-motor-numbering-with-the-mission-planner-motor-test.
All set like at scheme, A spins first, then all other cw.

If A is the front right motor that’s right.

yep, just like in the picture

Do the right green bars move in the Radio calibration screen with stick movement? AETR configured on radio? It’s typical that the pitch channel has to be reversed in the radio.

Yes, everything moves when I move sticks. Pitch is also reversed.

I recorded servo outputs during takeoff try and noticed that 4th is always slightly higher than others. I think that’s the case here, but what should I do next?

That’s all I have. Not many responding to APM questions these days, perhaps someone else will take pity.