APM 2.8 not arming on telemetry and mission planner

Hello all, my apm 2.8 is not arming on telemetry connection between my pc and the drone. HDOP is good, compass and accelerometer calibration are good, no ground velocity, I’m outside.
When I press arm on the mission planner, it says armed, and I read in the messages: barometer calibration complete
Calibrating barometer
Initialising APM…
Frame: QUAD
ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb)

And then it became unarmed… no motor spinning and nothing.

APM is considered unsupported hardware. It’s been obsolete for many years.

It disarms automatically if there is no activity.
Do the motors spin at all?

Well but it has now the old compatible firmware, and all the hardware that were since 2014 working with it with no problem.

No the motors does not spin at all, not a time I saw the motors spinning. Technically it does not arm, but for about 3-5 seconds a word “armed” is written on the monitor of Mission planner and then it goes away to become disarmed.

Recalibrate the ESCs, check the connections.

I am trying to calibrate my ESCs using transmitter JR XG6 DMSS 2.4 GHz, is it compatible with my hardware? If yes please tell me the configuration process of my transmitter, if no please tell me how to calibrate the ESCs without the transmitter.

It is most probably compatible. And you do need to calibrate the ESCs using the transmitter.

Thanks for the reply, I have been trying to configure and setup the transmitter so I can change flight modes from it. When calibrating the radio everything is fine and the receiver works perfect detecting the transmitter’s signals but when trying something different nothing happens.
I think this problem is not related to my hardware being old right?
As from your last reply, there is no way to calibrate the ESCs other than using the transmitter right?

No, the problem is not that the hardware is old. It worked fine 9 years ago. :wink:
But it does need a user that knows how to use it. You and I are not that user.
The old documentation is no longer available, it has been updated.
The old FW has bugs and limitations. I do not know all the bugs it has, and I do not remember all the limitations.

We do try to send all our stubborn APM 2.8 users to the “Hardware > Unsupported hardware” forum section, so that they meet each other and help each other out. But that usually does not happen, they unfortunately all want help, and very little are knowledgeable and willing to give help. Why? Because all knowledgeable users use up-to-date hardware so that they can use the latest FW version, so that they can save time and money and preserve their sanity.

Now, if you do decide to update the hardware, there will be tons of users willing to help you out, and the FW will have less bugs, less limitations and a lot more features. Came and join us at 2022. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate a lot your help, thank you.
I will consider every word.

Hello again, so I am trying to calibrate my ESCs individually since all in one method did not work. I turn on my transmitter and put throttle up and then connect battery to the board, the specified ESC(which is connected to the throttle channel in the receiver) starts beeping constantly without stopping.
Any way to solve this problem?