APM 2.8 landing gear control

I can’t imagine this is the first time this is come up but I promise I have done my due diligence and searched high and low for an answer.
I wrote too much below so I’ll rephrase my long post :
"How does one control retractable landing gear with an APM2 through Mission planner?"
My set up so far:
I replaced the APM 2.5 I inherited for a 2.8 (for various reasons including wiring and cracked cases.)… I have set everything up and I appear to be all connected as it was before. It’s running version 3.2.1
I am using Ardupilot
What I am trying to do:
Add retractable landing gear to the hex (tarot 680). Nothing clever at this point. Up and down would be great.
I missed the point that the 3.3 release that has this included would not run on an APM2 so I have been looking for a way to control the servos with a manual switch on the remote.
Damned if I can work it out.
What I tried:
I am trying to use channel 8 on the TX and this is connect to the gear switch on 9XR TX.
I thought there was a way to pass the pwm out to the RCn out ports but I am failing.
Do I need to go Pixhawk and 3.3 to make this work. I have re-deployed the landing gear I had onto a Flame wheel (I managed to get servo gimbals working on it so I though it would be just as easy :)). SO I can’t fly at the moment unless I make the landing gear fixed down (I need to attach a servi0 drive to move it).
My first post so as along as I get as much help as abuse I can handle it.

Hi Bob,
I guess you’ve already looked through the documentation on servos here on the Copter wiki? http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-servo.html
Landing Gear support arrived with AC3.3 I think, but as you realised, that’s Pixhawk only (or NAVIO2 or one of the other poweful boards).

I knew at some level but hoped it was me being dense. It could be both of course.

did you ever figure out the settings to control the landing gear servo on a Tarot X8 build?
apm , MP 1.3.77 , AC3.2.1

If they did figure it out 5 yrs ago they likely would have replaced that relic FC by now…

I figure out two things, 1. I could control the landing gear directly from the receiver (and use the Relic APM)
2. for this build I’m just gonna use an Orange Cube PX4 on it instead.
I’ll keep the Relic for another toy.