Apm 2.6 wont lift off hexa 6

hexa six wont lift off it spins all motors but only half throtal and wont take off 890kv motors 20a esc gps sdr batt monitor 3s 4500 batt tungiy 9xr please help :frowning:

Please provide tlogs and/or data flash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

sorry very new to this how do i get these logs and post them :question:

Please refer to the Wiki: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-downloading-and-analyzing-data-logs-in-mission-planner/

ok thank u i wiull atempt this tommrow night and post results i did put the apm on my quad frame and the motors did spin up to full but it just flip over on thst one unlike on the hexa were they only go to qurter power

sorry havent had logs up sooner sky hub died no internet

next log

I am new just like you, and I had the same Problem. Look at Your Motor Spec.'s I am shore that when the KV is so Low that would Mean that they can run on 4-8 or maybe 4-6 lipo S’s.
have a look at your esc’s and how many Volts( lipo S’s) they can take.

             and then if the esc's can take the load, Buy or attach 2 lipo's together so that you have more Volts to provide to the system.

About it not being stable, There are people here WHO can help you when they have looked at your files, but I think your Problem is simply the esc’s are not Calibrated together?
Try to do the Calibration if possible together, and if you cant one by one…

I had the same problem. Go to Advanced configuration and down the bottom of the lis is " max Throttle " or something simmilar. move that bar from 80 to 1000. and then " write parameters. " then lift off. Make sure your trying to take off in a suitable mode like self level, acro.