APM 2.6 will not dispaly Flight Modes in DroidPlanner

I have several aircraft using APM 2.6 and I am using the latest stable version firmware install via Mission Planner, issue when I use Droid Planner on 2 other aircraft using APM 2.6 and latest firmware (Quads) DroidPlanner displays and advises Flight modes, but I have a hexcopter (which I have loaded Latest Firmware several times which when connected to Droid Planner will not display or advise flight mode
Can anybody help please?

I had that issue myself but it was a few beta versions ago. Since 2.2.1 it seems to have gone away. What version are you using?

Hi govsux thank you for your input
I am not sure what versions you mean
Mission Planner version 1.2.97
Fermware Autocopter Hexa V3.1.2 (stable)
DroidPlanner v1.2.0 (as per latest listed on app store)

Please let me know were I should head to fix issue
Kind regards aussiepilot

There are other versions but not completely without bugs either. There is going to be a new release soon, in the next couple weeks or so I think, so the problem will likely go away. In the mean time you might unistall what you have and try to re-install it. Sometimes that fixes minor bugs.

I seriously hope we can get v2.x out for public use during this week.

The issue with copter modes will certainly be resolved (as it’s a major bug if it’s still in there).

I think I may finally have some insight into this. I have a quadrotor running APM 3.1 at home, and DroidPlanner correctly reports its mode changes. However, I use a hexrotor at work, running 3.1.2, and DroidPlanner does not report mode changes, neither on-screen nor with audio.

I finally had the time to examine the .tlog files created by DroidPlanner when connected to them, and it seems that DroidPlanner appears to be ignoring the modes reported in the hexrotor’s heartbeat messages. The MAV type of the hexrotor is 13, while that of the quadrotor is 2. Could this be the problem?

When I look in MavLinkMsgHandler.java, I don’t see any sort of code that rejects received heartbeat messages, except for one place in receiveData() where the result from calling drone.parameters.processMessage() can cause an early return. Anyway, I’m not real familiar with the code, so I can’t really help more at this point.

I have the same issue. My hex will not play the mode changes. My quad will work fine with droid planner. I loaded the quad firmware on my hex apm board and droidplanner works great.

Same here with my Hexa and latest firmware BUT it may not be droidplanner related as I have the same problem when I look at the HUD on Mission Planner.

At time of programming the channels on MP, it works fine, but when going to flight data, HUD does not take mode changes on MP.