APM 2.6 w/GPS Issues

I’m new to the forum, as well as a total noob to multi-rotors. I’ve been flying heli’s for a little over two years now, recently picking up a sponsorship from Lynx Heli Innovations. Only been flying multi’s about 6 mos now. The problem I am having, I just received my APM 2.6 w/GPS today and got it mounted and everything setup on my F550 Hexa, ACC calibrated, Compass Calibrated, Radio Calibrated, motors all set to correct direction of rotation, correct props installed on correct motors. But it will not fly, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. It flew fine with the KK 2.1.5 board on it. The flight controller is the only thing I changed on it.

I have the F550 Hexa clone frame from HK, Turnigy 2836-750kv motors, 10x4.5 props, 30a NON-SimonK ESC’s, 200mm tall landing gear, running 2-3S 2200mah lipos in parallel along with LED’s on the machine. I really would like to get this FC working as soon as possible, as it was my only flying machine I have right now. And I normally fly daily.

Could you explain how far you get and what exactly is not working? It will not fly is a bit vague. Can you arm the copter?

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Yes I can arm it, and the props have plenty of rpm’s, moreso than what it had when the KK board was on it, it just doesn’t get off of the ground. And before you go saying that it’s motor rotation direction or props installed on incorrect motors, I assure you, I have checked every single motor atleast 3-4 times for direction of rotation and that each motor has the correct prop installed on it.

Hi DAL2855,

Check the parameter THR_MAX is between 800 and 1000, by default is 1000:
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/arduco … terTHR_MAX

To check this in mission planner, go to config/tuning, planner, check advanced view (at bottom right), click config/tuning again, go to full parameter list, click find and type the parameter name. If you modify the value click on write params to save the change.

I understand you checked the motors many times, but just as confirmation you can run the motor test in CLI and check you are having the proper behavior, the motor test will proceed in clockwise rotation, so if your hexa is in x configuration the test rotate in this sequence 5, 1, 4, 6, 2, 3, 5, 1, …
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/connec … the_Motors
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/connec … th_the_CLI

Ok I looked at those three links, I do not have a clue about the max throttle and definitely don’t have a clue about the CL1 for checking motor directions. I see where it talks about opening Mission Planner’s Terminal window and press “Connect to APM” or “Connect to PX4″ button On a PX4 press the safety switch
When the prompt appears type Test
Type motors

I do not have a clue what this means. You guys will have to learn to explain things so that a kindergartner could understand what you are explaining. I do not have a clue about any of this stuff.

I’m not at home currently, so I won’t be able to test these theories until I get home around 4:30pm EST this evening.

The motor test includes some videos of how to do the test, take a look at them and let us know if you need more help.

I watched the videos, but there was nothing showing what to do on the computer, I don’t have a clue where it’s talking about typing in the Test and Motors, All the videos did was show what I should expect to see during the test.

Sorry you need to enter in mission planner terminal tab, if the tab is not available you need to enable it in congif/tuning, planner, and select advanced view, after that you will have the terminal tab and you will be able to follow the instructions.

Ok, I just looked at my software and it shows up without the APM connected, will try it once I get home and see if it works or not. Thanks!

Ok I just did that motor test, Frame position 5 is what was the first motor that spun which should have been the #1 frame position motor. They did go around clockwise in order from there, but it was one position CCW from where it SHOULD have started out. I have FW 3.1.5 Hexa loaded and X frame type selected.

Any ideas anyone?

The sequence will start in motor #5 but if the battery is not connected when the autopilot is sending the signal to the motor #5, it will continue and will send the signal to the motor #1 (which is the next motor of the sequence), and if you connect the battery when the signal is present in motor #1 then the motor will spin, and will continue with the next motor (motor #4), and so on. Once the sequence is finished with motor #3, you will notice a pause and the sequence will start again with motor #5.

For any motor spinning in the wrong direction simply reverse any two of the three ESC to Motor power input leads.

I just performed the test again, and everything is working exactly as it should during the test, starting at motor #5-CCW, #1-CW, #4-CCW, #6-CW, #2-CCW, #3-CW and each motor DOES have the correct prop installed on it. I have NOT changed anything from last night’s attempted test flight.

where you able to check the throttle max parameter?

I do not understand where I am supposed to check this throttle max input or whatever it is, like I said before, I do not know this software nor what I am doing, I do not know how to do any of this.

If you are speaking of the THR_MAX value in the Full Parameter menu, yes it is at 1000 (800-1000).

Yes, I was speaking of the THR_MAX.

The autopilot has the ability to create a log file every time your arm the motors (dataflash log), please post a log, here you will find how to download it from your APM.

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/downlo … n-planner/

I’m not exactly sure what you are wanting but here goes! I’ve attached 3 of them

Are those the Logs you were wanting?

Yes, they are, but still can’t find what the problem is :frowning:

If others are seeing this, what I found is TRIM_THROTTLE = 901, I’m used to see this value around 500, don’t know if this value is affecting the thrust, but if so, is this value is indicating something wrong in the RC configuration or how can you get a different value to improve the thrust?

On the one I looked at, it was at 458 or 468, I don’t know why it would be up at that 901. On this one I am attaching this time, it’s at 450.