APM 2.6 Tri-copter with V3.2.1

I just went through a lot of problems trying to get a tri-copter flying using V3.2.1 It seems like none of the variables for the tail servo have proper default values and have to be manually set.
FRAME_CLASS must be set to 7
RC_SPEED to 50
RC7_REV to -1 as my tail servo is geared
RC7_TRIM to 1485
RC7_FUNCTION to 21 (Rudder)

I’ve now got a tri-copter that sort of flies, Have I missed anything in this set up that is really important? I’m using a Rotor Bits frame, SimonK ESC, cheap 1000KV A2212 motors and 10x4.5 props. I’ve wasted the better part of a month on this toy, any suggestions to speed up the process would be appreciated.

Are you seeing any issues ?