APM 2.6 Trex 450 FBL Use ALT HOLD without a governor?

Thanks in advance.

I have a 450 clone helicopter with a Tarot FBL head and APM 2.6, flying fairly well for just starting out, usually I am flying quads…
Question 1 can I use mission planner flight mode ALT HOLD with this FBL helicopter setup with just a 50a ESC with no governor? Or is a ESC with a governor mandatory to maintain altitude hold or Loiter flight modes?

Question 2 Just starting out with this helicopter and just wanting to maintain level hover for now, but it seems that while trying to hover around 10-12 feet up that the copter is wanting to drift a lot side to side or front to back, (tail is holding well). Do you think this is P I D settings of is there something else I am missing?

Thanks again

Please use a governor. It works great especially in AUTO/LOITER mode. I using YEP from hobbyking. You will need a programmer to set the governor mode on.