APM 2.6 setup with HC-SR04 sonar , Anyone tried this with any luck?

Thanks in advance for advice
I am trying to use a HC-SR04 3 wire sonar with a APM 2.6, Copter 3.2.1, Mission Planner 3.5XX? on a quad copter. Mission planner will accept it as a analog unit when plugged into A 01 on APM and I have setup parameters under RNG xxx in full parameter list according to online Utube videos. The distance meter readout seems pretty accurate testing distance readings from different objects?
Problem is when trying althold maybe 3- 5 feet off the surface the quad is osculating up and down or just dropping slowly to the ground ( mid throttle setting is real close, works fine at higher altitude without sonar connected)
Anyone setup one of these units with success, need some advice?