APM 2.6 run as Engine Monitor & primitive avionics

Hi all
I have built a sub 70 trike to fly (1 st prototype flies beautiful)

I need to have some flight data during the flight and my 1st idea, Due to weight and cost limitations was to use arduino or apm 2.6 apm controller (I have few 2.6 units) and take some data from internal and external sensors to send it to LCD Screen
(LCD is the most readable in direct sunlight )
Desired data to have , are :

air speed (I have pitot tube and px4 digital sensor)
vario ( variometer – also known as a rate of climb and descent indicator)
(artificial Horizon) (not in priority for now)
engine rpm
engine EGT (from k type thermocouple , already working in arduino)
engine CHT (from k type thermocouple , already working in arduino)
fuel level
Voltmeter (shows the voltage from engine)

so Is anyone who has a similar idea ?

It is possible, but you need to code it yourself.

But it is a lot better to use a newer board with newer firmware.

I looked into doing something similar. In the end, I just made my own hardware.

thank you
did you use arduino or something else ?