APM 2.6 RSSI from FrSky D4R-ii

I have started using FrSky receivers on my Y6 using the APM 2.6 FC, running the 3.2.1 firmware. I followed the instructions in the wiki (created the cable with a filter, set the pin number in MP, and set the RSSI voltage in MP) I have confirmed the receiver is outputting the RSSI signal, but the APM is not showing the RSSI. I have tried multiple pins, besides pin A5 (its used to output to the beeper.) Have things changed on how to get the RSSI into the APM?

Do you get any voltage at the cable which is plugged into the APM input? If a voltmeter shows 0 there it’s not an APM problem.

I shouldn’t be getting any voltage from the APM side on the signal line should I? The “A” pin I choose in MP as the RSSI pin should just expect a voltage from the receiver depending on how high my RSSI is. I followed this guide on the wiki. copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … ndication/. The only difference is I am not using Pin 5, since that’s what the beeper hooks up to. I have tried almost all of the other “A” pins with no luck.

Ok, so playing with it some more, I now see the rxrssi value under status is working correctly now, but its not showing on the MP Flight Data screen. Did this change?