Apm 2.6 problem

Hye guys can anyone guide me from a-z how to make the remote can control the motor that connected to apm 2.6.

My project is to build an autonomous boat. And the due date is this wednesday. I hope someone can help me go through all of the step. I will appreciate so much for your help.

:sob::sob::sob: Please help me.

Thats a pretty late run to get something this complex happening.

So if you want help then you need to provide as much information as possible.
All the gear you have.
What tests have you done on the bench?
What GCS are you using?
Have you connected it yet and installed the firmware in the board?
Pictures of your setup.

The more information you provide the more help can be provided.

i’m currently using remote turnigy 9x for receiver i’m using V8FR-II for receiver and djt for transmitter block
for apm i’m use APM 2.6 , GPS i’m use U-Blox neo 6m

for motor i use EMAX BL5335/10 and esc is Turnigy 120A

recently, i just done bind remote and receiver only. once i connect the battery 4s lipo. receiver is bind with remote and the motor start running right away. But if i off remote and turn on back, the motor not running. can anyone help me ?

This is where you start
This is specific to boats
And this is specific to APM2.6

From a project point of view, we don’t support the APM2.x boards anymore. We’ve got lots of better choices that are available though so personally I highly recommend updating to a more modern board that can run the latest firmware.