APM 2.6 outputs to Arduino

Hello I am making a boat and the boat is a 2 motor boat. That’s why I have to use skid steering. Since I only have apm 2.6, I cannot change the parameters, so the system works as “Separate Steering and Throttle”. To change this, I want to change the output signals from APM in Arduino and send them to ESC. How can I read the signal from APM’s output in Arduino. Thank you in advance for your help.

The arduino pwm library can surely read PWM inputs.

But it will be very hard to achieve what you want. It will be a lot faster and cheaper to just buy a board supported by the latest ArduRover Firmware.

Mixing RC channels with an arduino is totally possible. But you still might want to consider a controller that can run the latest ardurover.

Arduino’s pulseIn() function can read RC signals from the APM, and the servo.h library can create the signals for your ESCs after you mix them in the code.

Don’t use the arduino PWM functions (analogWrite) as RC signals only use a small portion of the duty cycle, and the frequency is important, so a timer-based approach is better (which is how the servo library does it)

A quick google search didn’t find exactly the code you need but here are some relevant links:


Ardurover 2.51 supports skid steering. You have to use the full parameter list to search for the neccesary parameters. It was “skid steering enable” or something like that.