APM 2.6 on 450 Quad veering off to one side during Dronie

As the title says really, I’ve been using the Tower app on my phone to connect to my APM through the 3DR telemetry kit and I have tried the Dronie option, as it gives me a chance to use a pre-defined benchmark. The first time it started well, it took off and started gaining height and altitude, but then it seemed to jerk, and started veering off in an uncontrollable arc that took it out of sight, and ultimately it hit the ground at a rate of knots, as seen here.

The second time I tried the function, it started to do the same thing, but I was able to regain manual control and landed the quadcopter. The first time it happened there was a 5mph tailwind, and this time there was no wind at all.

Are there any suggestions as to how I can stop this happening in the future? I see the Tower app as a very powerful device, I just don’t want o risk myself, or others around me whilst it’s in operation!

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