APM 2.6 MP not displaying X Quad Properly

I recently installed an APM 2.6 with external compass and GPS onto my X frame Quadcopter. In mission planner I selected the X frame type, did all the calibrations and initial setups. But, when I go to the Flight Data screen Mission Planner is displaying my Quad as a plus frame. How do I get mission planner to display this correctly? I’m using MP build 1.3.41. The Quad flies correctly in stabilize mode but is unstable in loiter and position hold.

Probably not the best category for this but the answer is APM 2.6 does not support versions over 3.2. see http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-apm25-and-26-overview.html

Try getting another GPS lock.

And to be clear, the quad on the map displays as a + and not an x?

If that is the case, the craft icon is just a representation of location.
My HEX displays as a quad.