APM 2.6 - Log space? Cheap chinese clone?

How much logging should i be able to do on a APM 2.6? I read somewhere that it’s 16megs, but I think i’m maxing out at 4megs (got a APM 2.6 off ebay). I run three flights today for abotu 11-15 minutes each, and looking at the logs (which are set to NearlyAll), it looks like only one made it (last log) which was 4megs.

I’ve attached a couple screenshots, just trying to find if my problem is with the board or am I logging to much (which i normally do Default+IMU).

Pretty sure the dataflash got halved at some point because the part was just not available any more.

It’s a good idea to turn your logs down on APM anyway - we’re totally out of CPU time on that chip. I’d run ATT at 10hz, disable IMU.