APM 2.6 drifting and problem with take off

Hi. I build S550 frame with APM 2.6 + M8N gps/compass from ali and I just try to take off, but I need to know some basics. I looked on youtube but every guy take off rapidly that means just go to air in few seconds. My idea is just slowly take off from land, possibly in indoor with small place and next go through window. When I trying to take off my hexa if that trying to leave the ground just moving around, not holding position, probably people saying this “drifting problem”. Do you have someone here experience with this problems? Thanks a lot for your opinions, sorry for my english.

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You need to take off smartly. Nursing the throttle will cause the aircraft to either tip over before it breaks ground contact, or it may flip and crash immediately after taking off.

Flying indoors in a confined space is unsafe, and trying to fly through an open window is just plain stupid.
Take the aircraft outside where it belongs.

Unless you are flying in Loiter, the aircraft will naturally drift and YOU have to use the radio to make the necessary corrections. Another thing that will cause the aircraft to drift at low altitudes is ground effect. This is caused by prop wash hitting the ground and forming a “bubble” below the aircraft. This bubble is unstable and can cause the aircraft to crash.

Thank you so much for fast response as hell! I playing with in outside before and I place my hexa to grass in meadow and I successfully take off but to much speed and I haven’t experience to control it, after few sec falling down because my hexa dissapear in air :smiley: and if I try to land it I react headlong to throttle and this was bad… I need to achieve some expereince for sure, but what do you think about 32bit flight board? My friend playing with dji phantoms and tell me that controlling in air is pretty simple. Maybe APM flight controller isnt good choice… If pixhawk or naza can do job better and price is about 30 usd higher and save my time to figure out this problems… What do you think? I appreciate your answers :slight_smile:

If the aircraft flies you just need more practice (stick time).

I finally got in to the air :smiley: but looks like that have some problem with GPS or someting with position because not hold position and fly to some direction. I using ArduCopter v.3.2.1. Here is the video. Thanks for you help.


Hi friend,
Practice, Practice…Practice!
Are you flying in stabilize? Try althold or loiter.
Even better, get a toy quadcopter and practice with it.

Yes. I flying in stabilize mode and I tried AltHold and nothing happens. Looks like that ignore the config params :confused: Everytime when I take off that just flying to direction like in the video. I have feeling as if someone just press stick on my remote control to this direction :smiley: Because hexa have nice stable position but still heading that right direction…

You could try resetting the accelerometers.I use a spirit level across the motors for the calibration and this gives the most stable hover.

Thanks I try that and maybe I have found problem, because in my previous attempt to take off I crashed and GPS rail was broke. I install it again but its not perfectly straight, looks to this picture, if can the small inaccuracy be the cause this issue.

That misalignment will not cause rhe aircraft to drift.

The ONLY way the aircraft will hold its position is if you switch to a GPS assisted flight mode like Loiter or PosHold (Position Hold).

If you are flying in Stabilized or AltHold (Altitude Hold) and you let go of the sticks, the aircraft will drift, and the only ways to stop the drift is to either take controlof the aircraft, or switch the flight controller to a GPS assisted flight mode.

Hi I just got in to argue pilot and GPS tracking my plane will roll out of control when it’s up in the air and I said it to go by itself in the app you can see that the jaw is inverted and when you turn it one way it turns the other way how can I invert it back or fix this any help will help a lot.

This flight controler is no longer supported since many years, I suggest you update to more up to date hardware that can support latest releases