APM 2.6 Crash - Broke some bits

Was flying fine, or what looked fine, then after about 70-80m it just decided to flip over and go head first into the floor.

Snapped the PCB in half, GPS is dead etc.


920kv motors
APM 2.6
Latest firmware uploaded with mission planner.

What I can tell from my logs:

  • EKF Bad Variance seen twice in flight, but the second one is around the same time it falls out the sky.

  • Logging right until it hit the floor so not a brown out?

  • DesPitch vs Pitch don’t change at the exact same time, but do go out of sync before impact?

  • Throttle looks like it goes to 0 for some reason?

Any help would be much appreciated as i’m not sure what happened!

Thank you


oops, logfile in the link above.

looking at the map in mission planner, it looks like it thinks the copter goes backwards before teh crash? but HDop and NSats is still ok…

Without the logging of the motor outputs it’s hard to determine what happened. Usually this is a motor or ESC failure since everything looks good up to the crash.