APM 2.6 clone (APM2.8) with internal compass and external GPS/compass unit setup and calibration

Hello everyone,

I was hoping for a little help and advise. I am looking for the setup and calibration instructions to set up my APM2.8 whi has an internal compass and an external GPS unit with built in compass… Thus two compasses in total. One internal and one external. Now I know the APM mission planner software allows up to three compasses to be calibrated but the instruction the guide are a little lacking.

Assume I construct my drone and connect everything up, connect the external GPS/compass module etc … then come to calibrate the APM and hardware etc…

I assume i need to select manual calibration… but then what? how do I select the number of compasses?, how do I identify in compass 1 is the internal compass and compass 2 the external (or visa versa)?, and how do i set them up and calibrate them…

The reason for wanting 2 compasses is to use the GPS/compass (external) as the navigation compass and the internal soley for telemetry.

Any ideas?


To the best of my knowledge all of the APM2.5s, with the internal compass, had to have the internal compass disabled to use an external compass. The APM2.6s did not have internal compasses. Are you sure that the APM2.8s, which are really APM2.6 clones, have internal compasses?
I know that you can calibrate both the Pixhawk internal and external compasses, but an AMP2.8?

Hi TC and thanks for your response. The apm2.8 is down as a apm2.6 upgraded clone with internal compass. It came with in a build pack (full quad kit) and included a 3dr 6m gps/compass dual external module. As the apm has internal compass and the external module would give me two compasses i understand there is anway to mamually set up mission planner to recognise both compasses, select one as the primary for navigation etc…

How did you get both going of the pixhawk… the process may be similar.

Oh… and the instructions say you can disable the on board compass by removing the jumper next to the gps port.