APM 2.6 Cannot Calibrate Radio

I’m setting up a new quad and I cannot calibrate the Radio. I am using a Spektrum AR9020 w/ DX9 and an APM 2.6 with the 3DR PDB and PM. The rx binds just fine and all of the calibration up to the radio portion works just fine. But then when I attempt to calibrate the radio there is no response to the movement of the sticks.

I have successfully, used the APM and receiver in a HIL set up with xplane(as a heli and plane). I reflashed the firmware between that usage and this and used fresh fresh calibration settings.

The blue and red APM leds flash at a moderate rate, as would be appropriate for inside and disarmed. The orange/yellow led under the forward indicator flashes at a high frequency.

Any suggestions?

How about indicating what GCS and what Ardupilot firmware you are using as this may not be a hardware issue.

I am using APM Planner 2.0.17 and ArduCopter 3.2.1

Can you post the the log from apmplanner2 directory. It’s in you home folder

see gist.github.com/billbonney/2b0e68641cbbc2b47a01

PS: Be nice and use pastebin.com or gist.github.com for logs (or zip them to attach) Thx :slight_smile:

I should also note, that my previous success with calibration and HIL was with the previous version of APM Planner 2 (calibration) and the previous version of mission planner (calibration and HIL run through it). I had stepped away from this project for a couple of months and they both updated upon continuing with it.

I noticed in the another thread screenshots of the actual calibration and fail safe tabs, I will add those in the morning for additional reference.

I rolled back to APM Planner 2.0.16 RC still the same. Attached is an SS of the calibration page before hitting calibrate.
I have 4 channels and an Aux connected.

I need a log when you attempt to do a calibration

  1. start AP2
  2. try to calibrate
  3. close AP2

compress the log in ~/apmplanner2/log.txt to a zip and attach. Thx