APM 2.6 Camera Gimbal / Pan and Tilt


I have a pan and tilt gimbal. I have tilt connected to RC11 and pan connected to RC10 with servos to the outputs via a UBEC and a DX8 with the control know aux-3 going to channel 6. It seems tilt works fine the way I have this setup. I can control the tilt with the control knob and it stabilizes correctly.

I don’t understand how a pan configuration is supposed to work though. If I choose stabilize, it points north when I initialize it and stays north as it turns. Is this the idea? I’m not sure I want this behavior. I guess I would like it to point straight ahead so it seems I would disable “stabalise pan” in this case. If this is true, seems I don’t need a pan servo at all, just a tilt.

Here is what I have for hardware:

1 - SPT100H Pan and Tilt System
2 - Hitec 33485S Deluxe HS-485HB Karbonite Gear Servo

It would be cool if I could setup a mix to use the radio knob to control both pan and tilt if possible. Any recommendations are appreciated. I didn’t see much in the docs for this kind of gimbal. Instructions for APM really only talk about tilt and roll.