APM 2.6 board orientation opposite to virtual horizon

Hello guys,

I’ve been using APM for a while now as an upgrade from the KK board which came with my hobbyking sk450.

Recently I upgraded my TX for a Taranis and reflashed the arducopter to my board.

The radio works great, however now my APM planner virtual horizon displays the opposite direction of movement in relation to the board. I have it mounted on my quad facing forward as the case specifies.

I tried changing the compass to roll 180, reflashing the firmware and nothing happened. Also, my AHRS_Orientation is 0 as default.

On the Taranis I reversed the Roll channel, which allows me to fly fine. But that is just a quick fix.

Anyone has any idea on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure? All artificial horizons tilt left when you tilt the board right (because it’s showing the horizon, not your aircraft). Although that’s correct, people are often confused by this, which is why artificial horizons have been removed in the mobile GCSs.

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