APM 2.6 behaving erratically

APM2.6 installed on a Finwing plane platform. Had been flying with success in the past using 2.74b firmware programmed with six flight modes. Hadn’t flown for a few weeks.

Today, loaded the new 2.76 firmware onto APM 2.6.

When all is turned on, controls operate normally in MANUAL mode. Once STABILIZATION is toggled, the rudder moves to extreme right, elevator to extreme up and motor engages :astonished: . Not sure of ailerons as they are not attached when platform is on the bench. When toggled back to MANUAL, nothing changes.

I have loaded the firmware twice and have reset the APM using the reset button. Nothing seems to correct the issue.

Trouble shooting ideas??


What happens when you treat the update as a complete new install, ie.: calibrate radio, transmitter, compass, set the right channels, etc.??

All the best

Splinter - thanks for the reply - did a complete new install - problem solved - platform back to normal and flying :smiley: