Apm 2.6 arrived with waypoint set for "home location"

I haven’t been able to remove the home location that was preinstalled on the apm when it shipped toy me. So every time I connect the apm it goes to a GPS location in a different continent. It’s not the end of the world but it’s pretty annoying. Can anyone help me here?

If you’re referring to the FLIGHT DATA window then home location should update to your current gps location as soon as you connect to mission planner AND have a good gps fix.
Mine quite often says I’m near the equator when first connecting to mission planner, but as soon as I start picking up satellites it shoes exactly where I am.

If you’re referring to the FLIGHT PLAN window then you can drag the home waypoint to where you want it. Hover the mouse over it and the arrow should turn to a hand, when it does drag away. As far as I’m aware though, that particular waypoint is only used when planning auto missions so it’s easier to set them up. As soon as you arm the quad then where it is becomes the home waypoint.

I guess this is more of a Copter-3.2.1 issue so it’s perhaps in the wrong forum. Copter-3.3 doesn’t run on the APM2.x boards.