APM 2.6 and GPS/compass module connect issue

I just picked up my new APM 2.6 with gps/compass module. As I see I’m not the only one with this problem with the cable being 6 pin to 6 pin, which wire on the gps is eliminated for the 5 pin port on the APM 2.6. Thanks in advance for your help.

@ 1expert,
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I removed the wire from pin 6, opposite end from the red wire and still no gps in mission planner although the module is blinking blue as if it were a locked signal, but no solid blue on APM. It arms and takes off but immediately throttles down and I have no control with the throttle on the radio and after shut down and restart the same thing. Help!!!
Already went through all the setup procedures a couple times with same results. Ran gps test in CLI and it seemed to init ok except for some corrupted characters but in the end it says ready to fly but continues to type corrupt characters on screen and have to get out of cli to proceed any further. Any help would be appreciated. Red light on APM is steadily blinking.

After removing one of the wires from the 6 pin cable, where did you plug the cable into at the APM end? The only place the 6 pin connect will connect on the APM is on the side GPS connector. Also, the wire that has been removed from the 6 pin to 5 pin cable, is the 5th wire over starting at the red wire on the 6 pin connector.
In the CLI, once the GPS is detected, you should be getting lat and lon and the number of sats once the GPS blue led is flashing.
It seems to me that the APM is not receiving GPS data from the GPS even though the GPS has obtained a 3D lock.

I carefully removed the wires from the 6 pin plug and installed them into a 5 pin plug I purchased from you guys at 3d robotics and plugged it into the top gps port, so I’ll go back to the 5th wire removed and reinsert the 6th wire. I’ll set it up again and go through all the recommended methods and arming checks and re-post the results. Don’t know about the throttle thing either hopefully disabling the gps test for arming will do it. Will the gps actually work if only the blue lights on the module are showing a lock?

Ok well I got that all working finally I made a new cable, without pin 5, re installed firmware, went through all the set up procedures and it all came out working, except that the throttle keeps lowering and I loose control of it, but I’ll start a new topic for that since it is so different from this issue. Thanks for all your help.