APM 2.6 and aileron not working in one direction

Hey All,

New to this forum and the Quadcopter/UAV subject.

Current Setup

F450 Cross Frame
Sunrise 20A ESC
2217 Motors with 10 x4.7 props
APM 2.6 with 3DR current sensor.
External GPS
APM 2.6 with 3.0.1 firmware.
Devo 8S TX
3S 1100mAH

So my problem is quite strange, i can almost put my finger on it but can’t quite figure it out .

Just finished building it and am in testing phase ( Stabilsed mode )

So when i connect the batteries up and tx turn on ( TX first then Quad ) got all the right lights , disarms fine.

Current flying in Stablised mode so i am doing all the flying, in the hover and very stable, all sticks working fine , Push forward on elevator moves forward , aileron left moves left , aileron right moves.

Whent he quad flys forward i.e. back to me it flys fine , everything works great . BUT when the quad fly across me left to right , Elevator is fine , throttle is fine BUT the aileron right doesn’t work . I put in right aileron stick and nothing happens , if i put in left aileron stick , quad moves left .

Any help would be much appreciated ,

Paul B

Pull the Aileron wire out of the receiver, and check the channel with a servo to make sure the RX is working properly. I just had a similar problem where I had no Aileron input. It turned out to be a bad connection in the receiver. If the servo works in both directions, you may want to go back into Mission Planner and get to the part where you set the limits on the transmitter. You will then be able to see if the APM is “seeing” the RX inputs.